RFID Products
UHF Anti-Metal RFID Tags
The UHF (860-960 MHz) anti-metal RFID tag is a high-performance RFID tag specifically designed for use on metal surfaces or other challenging environments. Types of anti-metal NFC tags include ABS, PCB, epoxy resin, and flexible tags. Embedded with UHF RFID chips, these tags can accurately and reliably read and record data even when close to metal surfaces, achieving high-precision identification and tracking, thereby improving the accuracy and reliability of data collection. RFID anti-metal tags typically feature durable housings and waterproof designs, allowing them to operate stably for long periods under harsh environmental conditions. They are ideal for tracking and managing items in outdoor or industrial settings. As a professional manufacturer of anti-metal RFID tags, CBT strictly adheres to international quality management systems to ensure the high quality and reliability of each product. Please feel free to contact our team.