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Magnetic Stripe Cards
Magnetic cards are a type of magnetic recording medium. They are made from high-strength, heat-resistant plastic or paper coated with plastic, providing moisture resistance, durability, and a certain degree of flexibility, making them convenient to carry and reliably stable in use. Typically, one side of the magnetic card is printed with instructional information, such as the card insertion direction, while the other side contains a magnetic layer or stripe with 2-3 tracks to record relevant data. To facilitate users (including card manufacturers and issuers) in distinguishing between low-coercivity and high-coercivity magnetic stripes, low-coercivity magnetic stripes are usually black, while high-coercivity ones are black/gold/silver. In essence, magnetic stripes are similar to the magnetic tapes or disks used in computers, capable of recording alphanumeric and numerical information. They are securely integrated into plastic or paper through adhesive or heat-sealing methods to form the magnetic card. The information contained within a magnetic stripe is generally larger than that of a barcode. The magnetic stripe is divided into three independent tracks, referred to as TK1, TK2, TK3. TK1 can accommodate up to 79 letters or characters; TK2, up to 40 characters; TK3, up to 107 characters. CBT is dedicated to processing and producing high-quality magnetic stripe cards that comply with various testing standards for different levels of magnetic resistance. Feel free to inquire with us. Thank you.