RFID Products
RFID Library Labels
RFID library labels are commonly used for the automatic check-in and check-out of books. Combined with RFID technology, they enable self-checkout terminals and automatic media return, facilitating inventory management and security control. Our library products include customized solutions tailored to meet the specific and stringent requirements of RFID-equipped libraries. These labels come in various formats, including for books, spines, CDs, ID cards, or metal assets, and offer a full range of customization options such as logo printing, barcode printing, and chip personalization. CBT's labels utilize advanced antenna design, premium materials, and superior manufacturing processes, setting the highest benchmarks for quality and performance in the library industry. Operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, these labels fully comply with industry standards ISO/IEC 15693, 18000-3, and 28560, which outline the fundamental RFID transmission parameters and specify the RFID tag models required by various types of libraries. They are ideal for creating RFID library labels. If you encounter any issues in the library industry, we can help you resolve them. Contact us today!