RFID Products
RFID Clothing Labels
CBT offers comprehensive and high-quality RFID clothing label customization and design services, including but not limited to RFID+EAS (AM+RF) procurement tags, clothing labels, fabric labels, and taffeta labels. The apparel and textile industry is evolving as businesses strive to improve customer experiences by integrating digital and physical sales points, making shopping as seamless and personalized as possible. As a result, RFID technology is becoming essential to meet these expectations. CBT is a leading provider of RFID clothing labels. These reusable tags are small and thin, making them easy to attach to garments. Designed for theft prevention in retail stores, these labels use the latest RFID chips, such as Impinj Monza 4/4QT/5/R6/R6P and UCODE 7/8, offering fast read speeds and a reading range of over 3 meters. If you have any needs for our RFID clothing tag products, please feel free to contact us.