RFID Products
RFID PI Tags, or RFID FPC Tags
The RFID PI Tag contains a tiny chip, such as Ucode 8 128, R6P 128/32, or Icode Slix, in various sizes, used for data storage and receiving/sending radio signals, suitable for various applications. The tag is made of PI (Polyimide), an organic polymer material known for its high-temperature resistance and excellent flexibility. PI also offers outstanding performance in terms of wear resistance and insulation. Reliable Flexible Hi-Temp Tags are designed for high-temperature environments, offering excellent heat resistance and reliability. Made of soft Polyimide material, they provide good flexibility to adhere to surfaces of different shapes. The tag surface is coated with a special anti-pollution layer that effectively prevents stains and liquid penetration, keeping the tag clean and readable. Elevate your labeling solutions with RFID PI Tag! Unmatched in high-temp resistance and flexibility, perfect for demanding environments. Contact us at info@chipbond.com