Making the World a Smarter Place.

Building smarter, more secure solutions with RFID and NFC technology.

The world around us is connected through billions of daily interactions between governments, businesses, and citizens that need to be more efficient and secure for payment, contact, access, identification, travel and mobility. As technology evolves even more rapidly, the use of smart products grows every year.

Since our inception, CHIPBOND's mission is to provide one-stop sourcing service for the IoT industry to create a smart, convenient and secure lifestyle.
Shenzhen CHIPBOND Technology Co., Ltd.(CBT) has been committed to the research and development of RFID technology and products since 1996, which is a state-level high-tech enterprise and member of the Association of IOTE. Currently, the area of our factory is more than 20,000 ͅ, and still growing. Own PVC material line is the base to make sure timely supply, and stable quality for PVC cards and strive to diversify our products to meet consumer demands at different levels.

CBT has hi-tech mass production experience. We offer RFID solutions for identification, access control, anti-counterfeiting and various kind of parking, library, retail store, asset, logistics tracking, cold chain management, hotel card system etc, Software development, prelam, cards, key fobs, wristbands, card readers, tags, stickers, and labels, about RFID products, are all of our advantages products.

To ensure the quality of products from the root, we establish a chip bonding department that uses probe technology to detect the chip. The advanced RFID flip chip bonding equipment and converting machines improved the qualification rate of labels. Cutting-edge equipment, high-performance quality inspection, analysis system, and personalized processing equipment provide a powerful guarantee for the production of RFID products. Make sure to meet the client's real, varied, potential requirements We are always on the road to invest, research, and develop new products.

CHIPBOND Technology makes progress with the World.
About us
  • 80%
    of the Earth population is using our products
  • 500+Persons
    Number of Employees
  • 136+ Countries
    Number of Countries whit business coverage
  • 3+billion pcs
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Development History
Since its inception, Shenzhen CHIPBOND Tech has become an RFID industry leader through continuous technological innovation and market expansion.
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